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  • Progress of The Soul

    Progress of The Soul

    “To what service is my soul committed? Constantly ask yourself this and thoroughly examine yourself by seeing how you relate to that part called the ruling principle. Whose soul do […]

  • A Leader Leads

    A Leader Leads

    “One person, on doing well by others, immediately accounts the expected favor in return. Another is not so quick, but still considers the person a debtor and knows the favor. […]

  • Some Simple Rules

    Some Simple Rules

    “In your actions, don’t procrastinate. In your conversations, don’t confuse. In your thoughts, don’t wander. In your soul, don’t be passive or aggressive. In your life, don’t be all about […]

  • The Start Up of You

    The Start Up of You

    “But what does Socrates say? ‘Just as one person delights in improving his farm, and another his horse, so I delight in attending to my own improvement day by day.’” […]

  • Stop Monkeying Around

    Stop Monkeying Around

    “Enough of this miserable, whining life. Stop monkeying around! why are you troubled? What’s new here? What’s so confounding? The one responsible? Take a good look. Or just the matter […]

  • Our Duty To Learn

    Our Duty To Learn
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    “On those mornings you struggle with getting up, keep this thought in mind- I am awakening to the work of a human being. Why then am I annoyed that I […]

  • Things happen in training

    Things happen in training

    “When your sparring partner scratches or head butts you, you don’t then make a show of it, or protest, or view him with suspicion or as plotting against you. And […]

  • Learn, Practice, Train

    Learn, Practice, Train

    “That’s why the philosophers warn us not to be satisfied with mere learning, but to add practice and then training. For as time passes we forget what we learned and […]

  • Do Your Job

    Do Your Job

    “Whatever anyone does or says, for my part I’m bound to the good. In the same way an emerald or gold or purple might always proclaim: ‘whatever anyone does or […]

  • The Obstacle Is The Way

    The Obstacle Is The Way

    “While it’s true that someone can impede our actions, they can’t impede our intentions and our attitudes, which have the power of being conditional and adaptable. For the mind adapts […]

  • No Excuses

    No Excuses

    “It is possible to curb your arrogance, to overcome pleasure and pain, to rise above your ambition, and to not be angry with stupid and ungrateful people – yes, even […]