The Art of Journalling (Become a better person)

In this Short post, We shall look at some of the benefits that come with journalling, and the types that come with it for various purposes.

  • Journaling improves mental health
  • It improves productivity
  • It reduces stress
  • It Introduces you to new ways if thinking, and the positive side of life
  • It lets you vent out anger as a brain dump- ‘Paper has endless patience, unlike people’
  • Gives you hope, satisfaction and a sense of purpose, if done Properly

There are various ways of Journaling, depending on their purpose. Let’s look at a few:-

  • Productivity: Bullet Journaling:
  • Mental Health: Gratitude Journaling
  • Mental Clarity: Brain Dump
  • Knowledge and Wisdom: Commonplace Journal

Now that you know why you should Journal and what its benefits are, let’s look at how you do it. Starting with gratitude journaling.

Gratitude is improtant. It is a feeling that gives us contentment, preventing us from falling into Life’s ‘Envy-Trap’. Your journey is your own, It has its own ups and downs. Do this:-

  • In your journal, write about things you’re greatful for. Again, These don’t have to mean ‘things’. They can mean people around you, your family, your friends, and even your thoughts!. Be sure to also include your negative aspects and experiences and how you’re grateful to them as you’ve learnt a life lesson from each blunder. Every reason for gratitude counts. It gives you hope to keep going, and most importantly, as I mentioned earlier, contentment. Make sure to include as much clarity as possible

Bullet Journaling is for people who wish to improve their productivity. You may have a lot of things and tasks stuck in your mind and it’s natural to feel frustrated. Do this:-

  • In your journal, Make a To-do list framework, and most importantly, prioritize your tasks. For Example, you can use a red colored circle for urgent tasks, a blank circle for important but not urgent tasts, triangles for fun activities, etc.

Often, you may feel….stressed, overwhelmed, with not just tasks but a lot of other things in your mind like aspirations, forgotten stuff, negative experiences, and other titbits. Your brain would feel pressurized and scattered, not knowing what to do, you would feel lost and depressed. Do this:-

  • As the name suggests, simply dump everything in your head on paper. Now,This doesn’t have to only include words. Make diagrams, mind maps, connections, anything that comes to your mind. If you wanna go the extra mile, Review what you’ve written after a while and look for any patterns, similarities and recurrences.

Now this is for the liquid (ink) gold in your life. This is where your media goes. ie. When you read a novel, or watch videos, simply jot down quotes and main ideas in your Journal. This not only helps retain them in memory but also serves as a treasure of knowledge. Imagine the pride you feel when you pass down such a book to your children, The future generation, and they learn about the ideas that shaped your journey.

As mentioned above, This method is my personal way of dealing not only with stress but various other aspects as well. It makes you reflect on your life, think about what you’ve done, fosters gratitude and contentment in the process. It’s simple, really:-

  • Go to ChatGPT and paste the following prompt:
  • Every day or whenever you have time, Fill in each prompt. Add as much of your life as possible. Add your thoughts, why it happened, how you’re grateful for it, etc (depending on the prompt)
  • Writing/describing one prompt each day is recommended

In conclusion, journaling is a powerful tool that can have numerous benefits for our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Whether you choose to keep a gratitude journal, a dream journal, or simply jot down your thoughts and feelings each day, the act of putting pen to paper can be incredibly therapeutic. By incorporating journaling into your daily routine, you may find yourself better able to manage stress, gain clarity on your thoughts and emotions, and cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness. So why not give it a try and see how journaling can positively impact your life?

3 responses to “The Art of Journalling (Become a better person)”

  1. Muraari Avatar

    Do let me know which method worked for you! If there’s any time to start, it’s now!

    1. Diego Sarmiento Avatar

      Those were amazing types of journaling, I did not know some of them. I liked the 7th a lot. It’s a pretty interesting approach.

      Personally, I write about my day at night. What happened, how did things go, was I happy or sad?, etc. I want to have the registry of what has happened to me. Maybe I will have a book later xD. This is very useful to reflect and analyze yourself.

      1. Muraari Avatar

        XD, @Diego, in that case, it means we both follow the same method….Thanks for the comment!

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