Study Like a PRO! (Smart, not hard)

Studying……Studying…..(after 3 hours)…….You’re still studying! Often as we study, we get the feeling that we’re wasting time, and feel tempted to just GIVE UP. Wrong! Your efforts aren’t wrong, it’s the way you do things, as a famous philosopher once said,”If you fail to Achieve your goal, change the strategy, not the goal!”. This guide will take you through a step-by-step journey to master and conquer your studies. These techiques are science-proven. So if it works for me, It’ll definitely work for you! So, ready? Let’s get started:-

So, the first step before you begin your studies: Organize your study space. Sit on a comfortable chair and make sure your body is aligned with the chair at a 90 degree angle.

  • To activate learning hormones in the brain- Take 25 to 30 deep breaths (Breath in through nose, hold 15-60 seconds, then breathe out) Note: Don’t force yourself to hold your breath,resume normal breathing when you feel pressure build up
  • Get intense focus in under a minute: Pick a point in your room to stare at over 60 seconds. Allow yourself to blink naturally but try to avoid thoughts or distractions. By doing this, the coognative processes in your brain alugn which makes your brain streamline your focus into fewer stimuli.
  • Putting your focus on a single point improves your ability to focus, because MENTAL FOCUS FOLLOWS VISUAL FOCUS
  • An amazing learning techinque that sounds weird but WORKS!: While learning something, have random intervals of over ten seconds. Just space out, allow your mind to wander. While doing this, the processes in your brain don’t stop. Instead, they replay all the learning patterns and everything you’ve learnt. This replay is 10x faster than the speed at which you learn
  • So, leveraging this gap effect not only makes it easier for you to recall (retrieve) information but also makes connections to other facts in your brain. It forms patterns and solutions that are not that obvious while actively engaging in the activity (LOL, maybe this is why some day-dreamers are toppers)
  • After your study session, you should introduce a controlled stressor in your brain that triggers a spike of adrenaline. This spike of adrenaline acts as a mark that amplifies your brain’s memory capacity and ensures maximum retention of newly acquired knowledge.
  • Research shows that it is beneficial to take caffeine after a study session, as caffeine releases Adrenaline. Another way is to take a cold shower after your learning session (Note: Start slow if you’re new to cold exposure)

Our emotions dictate how we react to situations, decide where to focus our attention, and decipher information. Neuroscience has proven that emotions significantly influence our cognitive functions, including the decision-making and problem-solving skills that impact our learning experiences.

  • During NSDR (Non-Sleep-Deep-rest), The brain transitions into a state of reduced arousal and activity of the Parasympathetic system increases. This will have a noticeable effect on the depth of your learning, and also makes it easier for you to sleep later.
  • You can also use NSDR as a preparatory measure before long study sesssions. Some Examples of NSDR are Meditation, and some variations of deep breathing, progressive Muscle relaxation.

So we now come to the end of this 5 step Learning framework. Good job for making it until the end! Consitency is key, so please use the framework everyday to eventually automate it into a habit. I have no doubt that You’re going to master your studies after this. Remember: “You have ONE LIFE. GO ACHIEVE!”

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  1. Hala Zaw Avatar
    Hala Zaw

    A very helpful post muraari , thank you!

    1. Muraari Avatar

      You’re Welcome, Hala! Thanks for reading!

  2. Clara Avatar

    Amazing content!! Had no idea about the Gap Effect… I’ll definitely check it out

    1. Muraari Avatar

      Thank you for reading, Clara! It means a lot!

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