Prioritize and execute

Struggling with many tasks and can’t focus on the right thing?

We all have many goals and dreams. Many tasks and responsibilities. We might want to change the world, which requires doing a million things. But if we don’t prioritize our tasks and tackle each one with the resources they deserve, we will end up failing our goals.

Remember, we only have 24 hours in a day. The same 24 hours as Elon Musk or anyone else successful you know. If they can get so much done, you can too. It’s a matter of prioritizing and executing. So what is this concept all about? It states that you must have a list of all tasks that need to be completed, you will assess each task based on importance. Importance metrics could be a deadline, a necessity for your team, the project the task belongs to, how much you care about it, etc. Once you have decided what’s more important for you. It’s time to execute in order, solving each task based on how important it is.

Someone might think, what if I have so many tasks and I can’t complete them in a whole day? If the tasks are very important and you still need to complete them in a single day. It’s time to look into ways of maximizing your time. That means being faster when making food, eating, getting ready, etc. Those moments when you might be in your car or in public transport, use them to keep working. Start cutting things like social media or leisure (keep in mind that this is for situations where you NEED to get tasks done). In the worst scenarios, start removing activities that are not as important, maybe skip a day at the gym to complete that project, maybe go to sleep a little later, etc. But remember that extremes are never good. Only on very few occasions, you should try this, at least if you wish to have a balanced lifestyle. Sleeping, eating, and working out are very important parts of a healthy lifestyle. So don’t sacrifice them for the sake of a goal. Instead, develop a plan that will get you to your goal without having to sacrifice many of these things. Also don’t forget to get time for yourself and your family. It’s important to have fun too!

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