How computers work?

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About Course

Dive into the fascinating world of computers with our comprehensive course, “How Computers Work.” This course is designed to demystify the inner workings of computers, from the basic hardware components to the sophisticated software that powers our everyday tasks. Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to solidify your understanding of computer fundamentals, this course offers valuable insights into the technology that shapes our modern world.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the Basics of Computer Hardware: Learn about the essential components of a computer, including the CPU, memory, storage, and input/output devices.
  • Comprehend How Software Interacts with Hardware: Discover how operating systems and application software manage hardware resources and execute tasks.
  • Explore Data Representation and Processing: Gain insights into how data is represented, processed, and stored within a computer system.
  • Learn About Networks and the Internet: Understand the fundamentals of computer networks, including how data is transmitted and received over the internet.
  • Troubleshoot Common Computer Problems: Develop practical skills to diagnose and resolve common hardware and software issues.
  • Appreciate the Evolution of Computers: Explore the historical development of computers and their impact on society.

Course Content

Module 1
A computer is an electronic device that processes data and executes instructions using key components such as the CPU, memory (RAM), storage, input devices (keyboard, mouse), and output devices (monitor, printer). Software, including operating systems and applications, enables these hardware components to function together, allowing the computer to perform various tasks efficiently.

  • What Makes a Computer, a Computer?
  • Binary & Data
  • Circuits and logic
  • CPU, Memory, Input & Output
  • Hardware and Software

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